People To People Student Ambassador Program - Summer of 2006
New Zealand and Australia

Let me tell you a bit about myself... My name is Dillon Baird, and I was born in Santa Cruz, California where I lived with my mother and my younger brother Seth... and developed my love of swimming and surfing. Half way through my 7th grade year I moved to Desert Hot Springs... just to the north of Palm Springs in the Southern California desert... where I live with my father and his partner Madeline. Not much here in the way of surfing, but I was able to expand my knowledge of computers and develop a better focus on my education. My older brother Nate was an honors graduate of Tulane University and a Hurricane Katrina survivor that now lives in Hollywood, CA working in the music industry.

My 7th grade year was a rough year on me with the transfer of schools and friends. My 8th grade year was when I really excelled. I was the ASB (Associated Student Body) Technical Director at Desert Springs Middle School where I was able to express my true interest, technology. Today... during my free time... I put in time at The Boy's & Girls Club of Desert Hot Springs where I help with everything from helping younger kids with their homework to producing most of the desktop publishing.

During my 8th grade year, I also received the Principal's Achievement Award, became Student of the Month, and became involved in the Debate Team... which led me to The National Debate Tournament in San Antonio, Texas where myself and my teammate took home first place in the Public Forum category and helped lead our school team to fourth place in the nation.

This is now my freshman year at high school... I admit I was nervous going into a new school, meeting new people but things are going good now. For my 2nd term I'm going to take the USB (United Student Body) leadership class and show my full potential. This trip would be an experience of a lifetime and will greatly increase my future possibilities in life. Your support in achieving this would be greatly appreciated.

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