A Dog’s Tail

If you knew my dad… just TRY reading this
without hearing it in HIS voice!
What in the hell is WRONG with you?


A DOG’S Tail


Now… the dogs… they had a meeting

and they came from near and far

Some came by motor couch

but most… they came by motorcar


Upon entering the meeting room

each doggie took a look

where he had to hang his buttock

up high upon a hook


When all were then assembled

each doggie… son and sire…

some dirty bull dog son-of-a-bitch

jumped up and hollered FIRE!


Now all were in a panic…

it was hell upon to look

as each doggie grabbed at random

a buttock from a hook


Now as you can well imagine,

it made each doggie sore

to have to wear another dog’s butt

he never wore before


So… that is why to this very day

a dog will leave a bone

to go and smell another dog’s butt

to see if it’s his own


Boliver Crumb – 2014


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