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Welcome to “The Other Side of a Monster”

I believe it to be true that “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. I also believe that poetry is then more a “doorway”… a way to open wide and allow others to see beyond our “masks”.

My life, like everyone’s, has seen its highs and lows… but, I’m grateful that even in times that my mind was locked and impassable, my soul remained open and a power greater than I used the following pieces to keep it so. It was not of MY hand.

Therefore… I welcome you inside… to know what I tried to conceal.

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There were times that the words from the soul came through to me as a song… complete with their “music” in my mind when put to pen.

For this reason, I’ve titled them “lyrics” yet… I’ve made no attempt to record the notes I heard and still hear today each time I see the words.

You may hear your own notes… or none at all… but these pieces are, whether good or bad, my soul’s songs.

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I think that there are a number of different ways to “know” someone. From the stories they tell and the remarks they make, to any bits and pieces of their own history they may be willing to share.

The following is MY “bits and pieces”… most of which I never thought I would share… or at best… never thought I would share outside of my small circle. So… here is the rest of my “insides”… finally free of the shadows!

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So ~ Welcome inside ~ to the other side of a monster.

R.Michael Baird

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